Video for Hackentosh and CPU path - Questions from a newbie


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May 28, 2020
I currently am planning my first Hackentosh. If I can get it to work, I am then going to work on my grand plan which is to build a hackentosh inside a Power Mac G4 Cube.

First off...I tried to figure this out, but I don't the AMD R9 Fury X compatible? Also, are Vega 8 graphics which are integrated into an AMD 2200G compatible? Other than that, I only have other Nvidia cards. (Guess I should have kept that Vega 56). Are either of those compatible? If not, its cool, I can pick up an RX 570 or something.

Second question: I have 3 spare CPUs with mobos...and I will use one for the Hackentosh.
Ryzen 2200G or Ryzen 1700
Intel i7-6700K

I am leaning towards the Ryzen. The intel is faster in single core, but the 6700K is a dead end with no upgrade path, but if I am really enjoying the Hackentosh, I can throw it a 3rd gen Ryzen like the 3900X in my main Windows rig. I may even turn my main rig into a Hackentosh and bootcamp into Windows if need be.
(quick question..with Bootcamp, is there any performance hit? To me, it sounds like there wouldn't be because its not virtualization, you are literally booting into Windows)

Well, that is a lot of questions from a new guy. Sorry if its a lot, but I have a lot of questions...(Oh yeah OpenCore or Clover?)



Apr 10, 2018
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  1. Graphics:
    1. According to this guide - the AMD Fury X is supported in Catalina, should also work in Sierra, High Sierra and Mojave.
    2. Integrated AMD GPU's are not supported in macOS. So don't try to use one.
    3. A Vega 56 would be a better option than the Fury X, so yes it shoul have been retained.
  2. CPU:
    1. In my opinion hacking an Intel system is easier when compared to hacking an AMD system. Your Skylake i7-6700K should be a relatively painless hack, but would obviously depend on the motherboard's integrated devices being compatible with macOS, i.e. Audio codec, USB chipset(s) manufacturer, Ethernt port. Plus any add-on devices (dGPU) you want to use being compatible. There are plenty of guides for Skylake Hacks that would be fairly easy to follow to get macOS Sierra -Catalina up and running. Added benefit is the IGPU with the Intel CPU, which mirrors Apple's iMac 17.1 system, which uses an AMD R9 M395 dGPU for its main graphics work.
    2. Hacking an AMD system has changed somewhat since the development of the OpenCore bootloader. It is now easier, as you can use the Vanilla kernel. Previously AMD hack's required a custom kernel and they never worked as well as an Intel system. I recently returned to hacking my old AMD FX sytems, using Clover not Opencore, but still benefited from the kernel patches developed for OpenCore. If you are going to Hack an AMD system make sure it is the Ryzen 1700 not the Ryzen 220G, as the later relies on an integrated GPU, which isn't supported in macOS. There are plenty of guides for hacking a Ryzen system. The AMD OS X site contains the guides and information you need, if you plan to go down the AMD hack route -
    3. It si a toss up whether the Intel or AMD CPU is a better processor. I would look at which motherboard is more compatible and go with the least problematic. Here is a comparison for the two CPU's -
  3. Bootloader:
    1. CLOVER vs OpenCore is really a question about which bootloader do you understand, and ultimatley it will come down to which bootloader is used in the guide you plan to follow.
      • My current preference is CLOVER,
      • All bar two of my Hack's are Intel based and they already use Clover.
      • This is because I understand Clover, have been using it since OS X Yosemite was released, and can work though any issues it introduces fairly quickly.
      • OpenCore is in my opinion still in the early stages of development. It is likely to be the defacto booloader in a year or two, same way Clover replaced Chameleon.
      • I think OpenCore will end up being a better bootloader, but it has a fairly sharp learning curve, even with the Helper tools that are being developed.
Hope this helps.
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