Will these parts work for Hackintosh Build?


Apr 10, 2018
Powercolor RX 580 8GB
No they are not ideal. There are two main issues:

An AMD CPU will not run macOS as well as an Intel CPU. As Apple have not as yet issued an iMac, MBP or other Apple system containing an AMD CPU.

Second the Nvidia GPU you have selected will never work in macOS.

Apple have switched to AMD GPU's. The RTX series from Nvidia have never been incorporated in to macOS. Some older Nvidia cards work with macOS, but these are from the Kepler series (600 & some 700 GPU's). The last vesion of macOS to have any third Party Nvidia Web Drivers was High Sierra and they don't support the RTX series.

If you want a machine that is as close to a real Mac as you can get then you need to have an Intel CPU, with an AMD GPU.

The AMD Ryzen can be Hack'd but I don't think they run as well as an Intel system.

There are lots of guides around the internet for Ryzen Hackintosh systems, Hackintosher created one on this site, but I have never really studied it.

I'm not an Intel Fanboy, I started Hacking with OS X Snow Leopard on an AMD system. It never ran as well as my Intel systems so I stopped using AMD for macOS.