XPS 13 9350 Big Sur Beta!


New member
Apr 7, 2020
Dell XPS 13 9350
i7 6700U
Intel HD 520
Version Info
This build is compatible up to Big Sur Beta
  • Now Compatible with macOS 11
  • Please leave feedback with issues or w/o
  • Comitted to Updating up to OS 11
Latest Release Notes
  • Fixed Bluetooth and Wifi Stability Issues
  • Improved Preformance and Power Managements
  • Can Provide Files for Display Overrides
  • Additional Patches for 3K Display
  • updated for 15.4 rev 1
  • if using unsupported wifi card disable it in bios
  • use config.plist not HD520
  • Perfect Sleep/Wake for 1080P Model no-touch, still bugs for 3K
  • Exact same functionality as Catalina
  • Never tested USB C except for charging, works great
  • USB devices eject on sleep (not really an issue)
  • 4K model has minor sleep wake issues occasionally, 1080P is fully functional
  • 4K sleep has been heavily improved however and glitches are rare, fixed by reopening lid
  • run sudo pmset -a hibernatemode 0
  • If on 3K disable sleep completely for maximum stability
  • If no mouse, install all voodoo kexts using Kext Utility
  • This esentially an ultra-simplistic version that is stable without the use of a deploy or complicated file installations and copies.
  • You can easily view all the SSDT patches along with configuration files for the bootloader as they are all documented clearly in the files.
  • This does include a copy of Clover, which of course I do not contribute to and am only responsible for the provided files, patches, and kext placements
This guide provides a working setup with little knowledge of the topic and without "optimization" (because often they can break things). But, it is fully functional and preforms properly and is stable
  • Make sure you are using DW1560 for wifi or else KP. If not using remove BRCM kexts from CLOVER>kexts>other.
BIOS Setup
  • Set all SATA operation as AHCI
  • Disable Secure Boot, Fast Boot
  • For Coil Whine improvement disable C-States
  • Enable UEFI Booting
  • Due to structural changes in the setup of apple's Big sur, this EFI cannot boot the installer it can only boot into a system / device that has already been created and setup.
  • To do this, you need to install Big Sur to a virtual machine (lots of guides online) and then create an dmg of that system, and restore it onto your HDD using the 'dd' command
  • There are various guides online how to get this virtual machine setup complete.
  • You can then use the attached EFI folder to boot and use macOS big Sur
  • You can use this video to show you how to get your macOS pre-installed onto your hard drive
    View: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HMU3nhcbWHw
Boot Entry Setup
  • Boot into the BIOS of the computer, then navigate to the Boot setup (or entries (not sure what it is called exactly, but it will be a list of the options your computer selects to boot)
  • Click add new, and make sure the USB isn't plugged in.
  • Select the only option that is avaiable, and in FS0 navigate to Boot/BOOTx64. Add this as an entry, then select this as whatever priority you would like.
Messages and Facetime
  • Gnerate your own Serials, Board Numbers, MLB
  • There are various guides online to do this and as default they're set to essentially Null (Fakeserial)
  • This is fairly straightforward and there is lots of external recourses, or you can contact me for support.
Headphones and Audio
  • All audio from speakers should work perfectly along with Bluetooth and USB audio
  • To resolve headphones static issue (wired) install combojack
  • Congratulations, there really aren't any more steps that are required. Feel free to contact me with any questions.

Latest releases hosted here https://github.com/tlefko/XPS-13-9350-Big-Sur/ along with faster replies