Z370N WIFI with just installed 10.15.5 problem: 2 freeze since yesterday


New member
Jul 8, 2018
Gigabyte Z370N WIFI
Coffee Lake i5-8400 2.80GHz
Intel UHD 630 1536 MB
Hi, I was thinking update BIOS is a smart thing when you want to update your OS but guys, don't do it with GA-Z370N-WIFI, if you pass release F10 like I did you will not be able to boot your hack
This is why I downgrade to F10 but I'm not sure everything from le F14 have been deleted, I have some BIOS option that was not present before my reckless update
Anyway, finally I have collect a success installing Catalina and since yesterday I'm using it as everyday machine
Since yesterday system has halted 2 times freezing everything to the point that I was forced to push power button till the operating system has shut down
Attached you can find a debugging archive with all the info I thing you need to understand and fix
I hope someone have time to help me
I thank you very much