AMD Hackintosh Temperature, Fanspeed, Voltage Monitoring Guide

Here’s how you can get temperature, fan-speed and voltage monitoring on an AMD hackintosh. I’m currently using this method for my Ryzen hackintosh. If you have a AMD hackintosh like me all you need to do is download the necessary kexts and app and place them in the correct location. Once you do that  you’ll be able to see connect your hardware sensors to macOS.

What you’ll be able to see with the HWMonitor app will depend on what motherboard brand you have. This is what I can see on my ASRock hackintosh:

Oddly on the ASRock b350 board I’m using the CPU fan speed shows as a System Fan instead of CPU Fan. This is despite being plugged in/connected to the correct fan header and there being no other fans connected to the system.

Instructions for AMD HWSensors

The steps to get HWMonitor working on macOS is different for AMD & Ryzen than it is for Intel. If using an Intel based hackintosh you can get HWMonitor temperature monitoring by following the Intel HWMonitor Guide otherwise you can continue here.

All you need to to get hardware sensors working on AMD is toDownload: HWSensors for AMD, put the proper kexts in your kext folder and move the HWMonitor app to your applications folder and restart, which you can find instructions for exactly which kexts you need with AMD Hackintosh HWMonitor Temperatue Sensor Monitoring Instructions


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it works! 👍

Ryzen 5 1600
RX 560


It can be worked! nice!

MSI B450 mortar
Ryzen 5 2600

And I had the same problem with you the CPU fan speed shows as a System Fan instead of CPU Fan.


Hi! The steps work on OpenCore too?