[How-to] Mount and edit macOS EFI partition directly on Windows

So you’ve locked yourself out of macOS by making changes to your Clover EFI folder and you don’t have a backup to get back in. Fortunately there is a way to make changes to your EFI partition on Windows in case this happens to you.

Step 1. Mount EFI Partition on Windows

In order to be able to access the macOS EFI partition on Windows we first need to mount it. There are a couple ways to mount an EFI partition, in my opinion the simplest way is to give it a drive letter.

  1. Install MiniTool Partition Wizard Free Edition
  2. Open MiniTool Partition Wizard
  3. Right-Click the EFI partition and click Change Letter
    EFI Assign Drive Letter
  4. Select an unused drive letter (I picked Z:)
  5. Click Apply
  6. Apply pending Changes? : Yes
  7. Click OK

The EFI partition will not be mounted as you can see in Windows Exporer, but you wont have permission to access or edit it just yet.

Step 2. Access & Edit EFI partition on Windows

In order to open the EFI partition on Windows and be able to make changes to it’s contents we are going to use a third party program called Explorer++

  1. Download Explorer++
  2. Unzip explorer++.zip by right-clicking the zip file and selecting Extract All… and click Extract
  3. Open the now unzipped explorer++ folder
  4. Right-Click Explorer++ and select Run as administrator
    Open Explorer++ Program
  5. You should now see your EFI folder which you can open and make changes too through the Explorer++ program.

macOS EFI Partition Clover Windows


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Perfect, thanks 🙂


Great guide! I needed this a few months ago when I was having trouble with a messed up EFI partition. Managed to find a guide on how to make things work. Now it will be easier if I ever run into the same problem.

Ketil Tuft
Ketil Tuft

There is a possibly simpler solution to this problem that don’t include booting windows.
In the clover boot menu, you find an option: UEFI console.
(In this console you find the different available commands by issuing the command “Help” alternatively “Help -b” that breaks for every full screen.)
Normally your EFI boot partition will be fs0.
You make this filesystem the current by the command:
To make the directory containing the config.plist the current directory you use the commands:
“cd EFI”
“cd clover”
To validate that you are in the right place you may list the files in this directory by issuing the command:
which will list all files in the current directory.
Now to edit the config.plist-file use the following command:
“edit config.plist”
Make any necessarry alteration to the file and save with the F2-button and the exit the editor with F3-button.
Exit the UEFI-console with the command:
The reboot your computer.


linda copia bem visto mas sempre interessante para a ajuda


Very thanks ! it saved my time!

paulo giesteira
paulo giesteira

uns creditos au criador do tuto no youtube com date bem anterior nao seria muito !!! verdade que nao tenho direito de autor mas… pelo principio. ficou mais explicado sim, quando criei esse tuto foi mesmo a pressa por muito membros da comunidade de Hackintosh pedia (onde eu sigo e ajudo “grupos de facebook”) deixo o link do video de confirmaçao do que estou a dizer https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uAWB18JKqYA&t=37s


bravo et merci