RamDisk errors and getting macOS to detect all RAM on a hackintosh

Depending on the motherboard you select for your hackintosh you could end up with one giving you RAM related issues. I’ve so far experienced it on two different motherboards and here’s what I found the problem to be and how to fix it.

Hackintosh not all DIMM slots working

If you open About This Mac -> System Report… -> Memory you may find that not all your DIMM slots are showing like in my case:

Hackintosh System Report Memory Slots Broken

The motherboard I have actually has 4 DIMM slots and yet only two slots are showing. If I were to plug in 64GB it’s likely only 32GB would show up.

RamDisk Error on Hackintosh First Boot

Hackintosh RAM Not Detected

When I first booted up my latest hackintosh I immediately got a restart the moment the Apple Logo appeared.

Using the -v bootflag to get some verbose output we get the error:

Hackintosh -v Output:
root device uuid is ’xxxxxxxx—-‘
End InitBootStruct
Start LoadRamDisk
End LoadRamDisk

Start FinalizeBootStruct
Start RandomSeed
End RandomSeed

This only happened when plugged into one the four DIMM slots the other three worked perfectly fine and the fact that the verbose stopped the moment it got to checking the RAM made the issue obviously connected with macOS not being able to find my RAM. I also knew the DIMM slot wasn’t defective because every other operating system other than macOS worked fine when that slot was populated.

Hackintosh Fix macOS Detecting Only Half RAM / RAMDisk Error

The solution to getting macOS to detect all RAM or overcome a RAMDisk error at boot on a hackintosh  is to map everything properly which is actually pretty easy to do in Clover. Basically all you have to do is go into the SMBIOS section of your config.plist, register then RAM and set how many slots you have and what channel your running your memory in. Here’s an example of all I needed to do get the “broken” slot working again with a single stick in macOS:

Use these memory mapping steps if you need more help or more examples or even some detailed documentation on the steps required on how to do so, I put together one myself which you can find here on the forums. If you need some examples or want to follow the guide you can find it over at the forums.

Once you fill out your memory profile in config.plist and restart you should get something more like this when opening About This Mac again:

Hackintosh System Report Memory Slots Fixed

Hope this helps!



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