Updating your Hackintosh to Mojave 10.14 (Beta)

Mojave brings a ton of new features to macOS my favorite additions being the changes to Finder and the new Dark Mode. If you want to be an early adapter of Mojave for your hackintosh here is what you need to do to to make your hackintosh work in Mojave.

Although Mojave is still is Beta the latest Public Beta version that’s been released is stable enough in my opinion that I know use it exclusively. You can signup for the Public Beta by following these steps.

How to download macOS Mojave 10.14 Public Beta

Mojave 10.14 Update Steps

For a Mojave Hackintosh it’s a good idea to recreate your EFI folder under a newer version of Clover EFI Bootloader. You will then need to add the latest USB port limit patch compatible for Mojave and update your kexts to the latest versions. Nvidia GPU’s can be gotten working in Mojave by changing the build version of the web drivers available for High Sierra. Also if you use Clover Configurator as your EFI mounter you will need to get the latest version to support EFI mounting in Mojave.

The update took about 5 restarts to complete selecting Boot macOS Install from “drive_name” each time from the Clover Boot Menu.

1. Recreate EFI for Mojave 10.14

It’s highly recommended you recreate your EFI folder under a newer version of Clover EFI Bootloader. I had problems with my old EFI folder that although worked perfectly fine on High Sierra the same EFI prevented me from booting the Mojave installer. Recreating the EFI folder solved that issue for me.

The latest updates to Clover EFI Bootloader has switched from OsxAptioFix3Drv-64.efi to AptioMemoryFix-64.efi. If PartitionDxe-64.efi and ApfsDriverLoader-64.efi have been added apfs.efi will no longer need to added into EFI/Clover/drivers64UEFI

  1. Mount your EFI partition and backup and or rename your existing EFI folder to something else and it will be overwritten. You will need to transfer the config.plist and kext folder to the new folder.
  2. Download latest version of Clover EFI Bootloader
  3. If you are not sure what .efi files you should include for Mojave when you install Clover EFI Bootloader to the EFI partition of your drive read the updated guide: How-to Make a Clover Hackintosh Bootloader
  4. Once the new EFI folder is on your boot partition transfer your old config.plist and replace the kext folder in the new EFI folder with your old one or with updated kexts.

2. Mojave 10.14 USB Port Limit Patch

Mojave requires a patch to raise the USB port limit. If you want to be able to use all your USB ports and USB 3 speeds you will need this patch, Out of the USB port limit patches I’ve tested only one of them works for Mojave 10.14 Beta and here it is:

  1. Open config.plist with Clover Configurator
  2. Select Kernel and Kext Patches
  3. Select the “+” at the button and input:
    1. Name*: com.apple.driver.usb.AppleUSBXHCI
    2. Find* [Hex]: 83FB0F0F 83030500 00
    3. Replace* [Hex] : 83FB0F90 90909090 90
    4. Comment: USB 10.13.4+ by PMHeart
  4. Save config.plist
Mojave 10.14 Port Limit Patch

This is what the port limit patch should look like in Clover Configurator.

Make sure to disable or delete any previous port limit patches.

3. Kexts for Booting Mojave 10.14 Installer

Hackintosh Download Kexts

With Clover some have had trouble with kexts not working when placed in /Volumes/EFI/EFI/Clover/kexts/10.14 so place any kext used for Mojave in /Volumes/EFI/EFI/Clover/kexts/Other

Download the latest version of these kexts and replace the ones in your EFI partition (/Volumes/EFI/EFI/Clover/kexts/Other) of your boot device after mounting the flash drive using a EFI mounter like Clover Configurator.

Required Kexts:

Recommended Kexts:

Use the Kext Page for link convenience

4. APFS in Mojave

If you opted out of Apple File System or APFS for short in High Sierra the installer won’t automatically convert it over so you don’t have to worry about that. But I have noticed Apple seems to become more aggressive with pushing people over to APFS based on the prompts shown in the Mojave Installer’s Disk Utility encouraging the use of APFS over HFS.

Again with the inclusion of PartitionDxe-64.efi and ApfsDriverLoader-64.efi in your drivers64UEFI folder there will no longer be a need to add apfs.efi manually.

5. Mojave Graphic Cards

Nvidia Web Drivers

If using an Nvidia GPU you will have to rely on a web driver version from High Sierra and change the build version to your current version of Mojave since there aren’t any web drivers available for Mojave yet by Nvidia, however you won’t be able to get full acceleration in Mojave until Nvidia release support.

AMD Graphic Cards

Most AMD graphic cards like the AMD RX 560/570/580 work in Mojave with full acceleration. My RX 560 works without WhateverGreen.kext.

Versions of WhateverGreen.kext earlier than 1.2.0+ can cause graphical glitches with transparency in the toolbar and various other windows so remove it from EFI/Clover/kexts/Other or S/L/E or L/E to avoid these issues.

If using a Coffee Lake or Kaby Lake CPU make sure to set ig-platform-id to 0x5912003 so the installer can complete and you don’t boot to a black screen.


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Im stuck 70% in install mojave


Thanks a lot as always!
I’ve got 2 builds:
A) Has random reboots while not being watched (maybe it tries to sleep and fails)
B) Works flawlessly
Both have severe graphics glitches while booting, after the apple logo they work just fine.

Build A:
-I7 7700
-SMBIOS: iMacPro 1,1 (any other causes graphics freezes)

Build B
-I5 7400
-SMBIOS: iMac 18,1


Are AMD’s RX Graphics Cards compatible?(especially RX 560 4GB) I want to but it and I want to make sure it’s compatible with Mojave.


Hello, all ok but the image doesn’t fit the screen, I’ve tried all possible setup.

Asus H270 prime pro


monitor 1920×1080 HP – HDMI


I’m having serious graphic glitches on HD 630
Aorus Gaming 5
Intel i7 8700k.

Boot up is taking very long, atleast twice as long as HS.
AUDIO isn’t working either.
Rest everything looks great!

Would really appreciate your help!


The installation went ok, the only problem is that the image doesn’t fit the screen. I’ve tried many settings, but nothing.
I’ve a 1920*1080 HP monitor via hdmi
Graphics is Hd630 and mobo asus H270 prime pro
I’ve also on the same pc other two installation win10 and Sierra that look perfect


OK, solved. All is working. thanks


Hi guys, I just installed Mojave and I got it to boot, but im having troubles installing NVIDIA graphics drivers. I got it to install using the above mentioned tools and I see Nvidia web drivers are loaded, but the graphical glitches are still present. Also the sound is not working, wich is new. Before the update sound was working. Any ideas?
EDIT: The resolution seems native after the installation of the drivers, and not PotatoVision..


Am able to let Mojave work on my ASUS laptop; sound, wifi graphics and ethernet and Bluetooth also working>>Intel HD Graphics 5500 1536 MB working great …Nvidia is not yet supported

Vijay Kumar Vishwakarma
Vijay Kumar Vishwakarma

Can you please provide your EFI folder,
I also have intel HD5500.
I am trying to fix intel graphics to get 1539MB vram for 3 days but not successed and got only 4mb vram.

Vijay Kumar Vishwakarma
Vijay Kumar Vishwakarma

Link not working
But thank you
I already fixed this by whatevergreen.kext method
And now got 2048MB of Vram


Hey Hackintosher,

Thank you for your nice guides and tips. I hope you can help me with my CoffeeLake i7 8700k setup. I don’t get my iGPU running. Neither with High Sierra nor with Mojave.
You said that CoffeeLake iGPU support is coming OOTB but it seems not for me.
Could you have any tips for me what I do wrong?

This settings I do use in my config.plist:
-wegbeta flag in Boot
no ig-platform-id
no fake-id in devices

bios settings set to what u recommend

What I get in verbose mode is:
HASH data from ME never returned 1



When I install Clover on my FlashDrive, Do I need to select the following?

Vijay Kumar Vishwakarma
Vijay Kumar Vishwakarma

Got ACPI Error : Method phrase/ execution failed [/_SB.PCI0…… , AE_not_exist,
Creating Ram disk for var/log
After that automatically reboots

Error image-


So do you just install it directly from the app store when downloaded? I am confused if I have to install from a USB bootloader…


Can anyone tell me if the onboard Wifi from Z370 Gaming E motherboard will work natively? Or do I need to buy one of the adapters that is compatible with macOS?


Hello, thanks for your wonderfull guides by the way.

I installed mojave without problems but when it boots (the boot that we configure icloud etc..) my screen is yellow with a mouse cursor but I cant do anything (well seeing nothing than yellow with a mouse pointer). I have a hd7770.
It used to do that on sierra and highsierra without whatevergreen but im clueless now.

Any tips?